"We find it, you catch it"


  1. In Music When we talk about music carrier, we do not talk about those who can sing only. The carrier in music invloves verybody who participates in the makings: from the beats, drama guitalist the piano man producers and so on. Only only those with great voice can make it in the music industry. There are those who can not sing but understand the music, able to put music notes to each other to make those great sounds we listen to everyday
  2. Producing
  3. There is a groupe of producers ready to train anyone who wana get involved in the behind the scene of the music industry.
  4. Singing
  5. To those with voices that can make it, of you didnt get a chance to aprticipate in shoes like Idols, SA got talents to take you there, SA opportunities is another way in...
  6. Writing
  7. Writing music is part of things that can take you to the top: If you have that talent and you are sure you writing skills are what those who made it are looking for, you are now on the right place
  8. Dancing
  9. If you have a passion of dancing, we guide you through and send you in the right direction, where you can show the whole world what you are able to do.

  10. Film or stage Acting
  11. We have talented people around the country, who has never given a chance to show what they can do, the door is open, go ahead and get it